Judy Host

As a working Professional Fine Art Photographer for over 25 years, Judy Host has redefined the Portrait Photography world with her unique talent for capturing the heart and spirit of each individual she photographs and has earned her the respect and recognition of her colleagues. Her photography has been internationally recognized for its innovative style and technique. Recently her work was selected for exhibition in the Valade Family Gallery in Detroit, MI, the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA and the Albrecht-Kemper Art Museum in MO. In March 2017, Judy sold her first collection of Ballet images to MGM Resort Int’l for a permanent installation at the Park Theater Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Her collection will be the only artwork in the entire building. Judy's clients include InStyle Magazine, Warner Bros. Hollywood Foreign Press, Sigma Photo Corporation, Modern Luxury Magazine, Oursayso - London Ad Agency, IHG, MGM Resorts International, Atlanta Ballet and the Salt Agency - Atlanta, GA.

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ILFORD's commitment to unparalleled quality for their papers is what first attracted me to their products. Not all papers have the ability to record consistent colors like ILFORD. In this digital world, we as photographers are creating colors that may not always exist. Working with a company like Ilford, insures my work will be printed and recorded the way I want it too. My print quality is exceptional. I recently created a portfolio of Fine Art Photography for an exhibit I'm working on using the Washi Torinoko 110gsm Japanese paper. I used this paper due to the acceptance recently of two of my prints into the "Portraits Americana" Exhibit in Kansas City at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Modern Art. Once I saw the quality and the brilliance of the paper with my prints, I was sold.