Eddie Tapp

Considered one of the most influential photographers and digital imagers, Eddie Tapp possess multi-dimensionality as a visual communicator.  His artistry reaches strongly around all aspects of the image from the creation in camera to the mastery of post and print. He is known world-wide not only for his ability to create through the entire process, but also for his ability to understand and teach. His gentle voice can be heard visually throughout the process of an image or film clip or audibly guiding an audience. These photographic talents for creating and teaching the total visual image has earned him the recognition from Canon USA as an “Explorer of Light”. First a photographer, which inhabits the roots of Eddie’s artistic soul, he is equally known for his knowledge of the post process including all areas of digital processing. He was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame 2006 and continues to be sought after as an educator in digital workflow, color management, Lighting, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for clients and events globally. Rounding out who Eddie is creatively has led him to his passion for putting creativity on paper, finishing the capture into the print.  He is a very accomplished printmaker and is recognized by some of the world’s most prominent photographic manufactures and distributors.

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ILFORD has always been apart of my photographic life and still is with my current digital workflow. My favorite ILFORD papers include the Gold Fiber Gloss and the Washi Torinoko.